Admissions Open for the academic year 2024-2025  

Sri Maganti Rajendra Prasad,

Quality and success are synonyms of Shri Rajendra Prasad, a Mechanical engineer from Bangalore University, who established the Soma Enterprise as one of the leading construction firms in INDIA in a short span of just 10 years. Shri Rajendra Prasad, born in Tamirisa of Krishna District, had gained experience of about two decades before launching Soma in 1997. He worked in a systematic way with confidence and dedication to realize the dream of building a quality construction company. Soma had earned ISO 9001 certification for the quality that it stood for in the field. Shri Rajendra Prasad, also a member in Naandi Foundation, has floated in his own social organization called Maganti Foundation to serve rural areas and needy people. Education to poor students, creating employment opportunities and infrastructure facilities to villages are his special interests of service.

Smt I.Deepa Venkat ,
Managing Trustee

Smt.I.Deepa Venkat inherited many Qualities from her Father Sri.Sri Venkaiah Naidu.She has her own style of working to serve her mother land and moved forward with this motto. Though she bagged a gold medal in post graduation from economics, she always dreamt of taking INDIA to “Golden Era”, i.e. Swarna Bharat. Her dreams lead to the birth of Swarna Bharat Trust. Her mind is always occupied with rendering Selfless service to rural INDIA. She recognized Education, Employment and Health care are Basic issues to be addressed to uplift Rural INDIA. She is a lady of present era working with utmost dedication and effort to improve rural areas without any Power or Authority.

Sri Tripuraneni Krishna Prasad ,

Sri Tripuraneni Krishna Prasad considered doing something to the rural areas of his home state was his moral responsibility. An engineering graduate from Andhra University and master’s holder in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, U.S.A, initially joined as development engineer with Central Corporation. After few years of stint there, Shri Krishna Prasad moved on to as a consultant to develop micro processor based control communication systems. But, his commitment towards INDIA and villages in Andhra Pradesh and to develop industry has bought him back motherland in early 80s. Since then he has been playing pivotal role in developing Spartek Ceramics INDIA Ltd. As a Trustee of Swarna Bharat Trust, he has been involving himself in conceptualization and service oriented programmers for the benefit of rural youth, women, villagers, farmers and students.

Sri PB Anandam ,

Shri PB Anandam is a commerce graduate and is the chief promoter of Chennai based Archean Granites. As a hard-working industrialist with new concept, he has grown step by step in his field. He worked as senior Official in British Shipping Company in United Arab Emirates, before venturing into his own business back in INDIA. His basic principles in the business are hard work laced with quality and time management. He established many international acclaimed projects on these very basic principles. Despite being busy with business, as a trustee of Swarna Bharat Trust, he spends good amount of time in discharging social responsibilities to the rural people.