Admissions Open for the academic year 2024-2025  

Akshara Vidyalaya is affiliated to CBSE and we follow "XSEED" curriculum upto 5th Grade.

Every individual is born with skills, which when developed full and applied in daily life, are called competencies. Our curriculum is based on the fact that competencies like listening, speaking, numeracy can developed more effectively by adopting ‘learning by doing’ & play way method. Hence we have taken the expertise of iDiscoveri developed XSEED curriculum, which is a pioneer organisation working in this field. The programme is based on the philosophy:

I hear, forget
I see, I remember
I do, I understand.

Age from 5 to 10 years is a crucial one, where the child develops the basic skills that would lead him/her to be a literate adult. The 5Rs – Recognizing, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Reasoning are the basic skills about the ability to read & write a language and numeracy, i.e. the ability to understand numbers, numerical concepts, and use them effectively.

The main focus of the Primary school Curriculum is to help the student:

1. Learn the English & Hindi/Telugu language so that he/she.

☞ Can read with fluency.
☞ Comprehend (listen with attention) what is being said and read.
☞ Write with purpose – i.e. to answer, explain or record.
☞ Speak with meaningful expression and apt communication skills.

2. In Mathematics, not only to add, subtract, divide and multiply, but also understand mathematical concepts. (Time,Measurements,Relationships     and modes of reasoning and Logic).

3. Environmental Science which is a combination of Science, Geography, History and Civics – aims to create a better understanding of the universe in which he/she lives and enables a child to see the orderly arrangement in the natural world and to explain its context in the environment. Aspects of history and civics focus on the interaction of people with each other & with their natural & human environment. Such combination is effectively used to teach children – to think critically, develop civic responsibility, build self concept and improve human relationships.

4. With co-scholastic activities like Art/Craft/Music and Dance, the child is able to develop and bring together, intellectual, emotional and physical areas of learning which will lead to artistic modes of expression, imagination, opportunities for hidden potential and nurturing sensitivity. These co-scholastic activities are so designed to help develop an understanding and love for Indian Culture

5. Through Physical Training and Games, a child is able to develop better co-ordination of physical/motor skills and add to his body intelligence. This helps to interrelate areas of physical, mental and social development. Skills like creativity, self-discipline, co-operation, group work, sensory integration, are inculcated through MPT and Games.

"Learning is a natural process that happens with ease when the environment provides ample opportunities for success & treats errors as a sign of growth. It is also crucial to acknowledge differences among children when they learn".