Admissions Open for the academic year 2024-2025  

I believe that School Education is the best medium of imparting good values, knowledge and wisdom. Many of them take the same meaning for “Knowledge” and “Wisdom” but in my perception they both carry entirely different meaning knowing and learning gives you knowledge. But wisdom gives you the actual way of doing things you have learnt and practice and implement in your day to day life through out so, we at Akshara are trying to impart good value based education, equipping them with best tools and practices enabling children grow up in the natural process of growing up and teaching them more by practical methods and abilities to face their future more confident and grow up into a better individual with our great INDIAN Culture and Traditions. It’s clear from the vision of Akshara that we strongly believe and follow our motto Medium is English, Culture is Indian.

As we approach the Tenth year of School’s existence, I am proud that true to the vision of our visionary Sri. M Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President; AKSHARA is prospering and fulfilling his dream of providing a seat of learning for so many aspiring young citizens.

Akshara is fortunate indeed to have a campus which, whilst in the midst of a bustling city like Nellore, is uncrowned and free from the noise and pollution of modern day life. It is an ideal place to study and growing out to be a better Individual. Akshara’s roll is made up of students from all parts of India and my prime wish is that many children will share the experience of a co-educational schooling, spent in a spirit of comradeship and happiness, learning self-discipline and the benefits of high-quality teaching which is so necessary in today’s demanding and competitive world. Akshara’s aim is to retain the value of individual attention – each student becomes known and familiar to all the Staff; the intentional low teacher-to-student ratio (1:15) ensures this.

Last academic year has seen the affiliation to CBSE and we had a few challenges at the beginning of the year with hectic academic activities and change of academic year from June – April to April to March. All has now changed. At Akshara, we will always continue to teach all subjects well in excess to the minimum requirements. Your children will therefore continue to receive a comprehensive all round education.

At Akshara Teacher Training and subject development is a continuous process. We have an ongoing and detailed programme for all teachers that include General education, Seminars and Workshops. External speakers and specialists conduct these seminars. A team of teachers have already undergone intensive Training at Madras Dyslexic Assosiation (MDA) Chennai to cater to children with special needs; Learning difficulties , Concentration , Enhancement , Increase of attention span and Focus.

Akshara Endeavours to be a School of excellence, nationally and internationally. We differentiate ourselves by offering a high quality, all inclusive affordable service to students. Students will be empowered with the highest standards of education in a flexible, creative and enjoyable learning environment no matter what their geography or circumstances. In an ongoing effort to serve the best to its stake holders Akshara has added the following feathers to its cap this year Inception of Interactive Website

A workshop for the parents on good parenting, and guiding children towards success and stress Management was conducted. This is the first of its kind and got a tremendous response from the parents. The average achievement of our children as a group excelled the national and International averages in all the Olympiad Exams that proves that we aim at all-round holistic development of the group/class besides concentrating on each individual.

Deepa Venkat