Admissions Open for the academic year 2024-2025  

The student Shall

  1. Talk in English in the school premises.

  2. Bring the Diary to school every day.

  3. Be punctual and regular in his/her routine and studies.

  4. Move-in an orderly manner from/to any location in the school.

  5. Attend assembly regularly.

  6. Pay attention in classroom activities.

  7. Wear proper ironed school uniform for the school.

  8. Be polite and courteous with peers and teachers.

  9. Be regular in learning and reading.

  10. Form a habit of self-study.

  11. Clear his / her learning doubts with the teacher immediately.

  12. Maintain decorum and discipline on all occasions in the school.

The student SHALL NOT

  1. Leave the school premises without written permission from the Principal.

  2. Indulge in any activities leading to the damage of school property.

  3. Ruin the furniture and walls. (Writing his/her name Etc.)

  4. Call his/her parents, friends, or relatives to school without due permission.

  5. Shout or use inappropriate language.

  6. Litter the classrooms or the school campus.

  7. Bring mobile phones, iPods, or any Electronic gadgets.

  8. Use school phone without permission.

  9. Meet visitors/parents without permission from the class teacher.

  10. Arrange any party in the school/Hostel/Bus for celebration.

  11. Interact with the service staff until otherwise for some urgent emergency work.

Dear Students : ‘Be A True Aksharian's

  1. Etiquettes are magical. Imbibe them and find out for yourself.

  2. Words like-Please, Thank You, Sorry, Excuse me – work like a charm.

  3. Express gratitude to the Almighty for grace.

  4. Always speak the truth.

  5. Be kind to animals, plants, birds, and the whole nature around you.

  6. Respect your teachers, parents, and people in general.

  7. Be helpful to people who are less fortunate.

  8. Never mock people with deficiencies or disabilities

  9. Do not interrupt when someone is talking.

  10. Do not pluck flowers or step on the flower bed.

  11. Do not disfigure walls or furniture.

  12. Wear a smart look and right posture.

Expectations from Parents / Guardians

  1. Co-operation of parents is expected in ensuring the pupil’s regular and punctual attendance, good general behavior and execution of home work assigned, if any.

  2. Parents should go through the pupil’s diary and exercise books regularly. They should sign the Principal/teacher’s remarks as well as class work.

  3. Parents are expected to spare half an hour daily for their ward and enquire him/her about the whole day’s activities of the school.

  4. They should develop habits of self learning in their wards. Private tuition must be discouraged as it hinders the real progress of the pupil. However, a special consideration can be made in case of slow learners and they may be permitted to take tuition for a limited period.

  5. They must motivate their wards to take an active participation in various events/activities held in school. It contributes to their all round development and in still into them a sense of competition.

  6. Parents must be cautious towards any sign of emotional maladjustment shown by the child. Such a case requires immediate attention and must be handled with care.

  7. Parents must encourage their wards to read news papers, good books, listen to news and watch informative T.V. programmes as this helps broaden their perspective and approach.

  8. Prime importance must be attached to build sound character in pupils. Parents must inculcate in children good values, ideals and etiquette.

  9. Parents should motivate their children for healthy competition among peers.

  10. Criticizing of school activities/administration in presence of children should be discouraged. Any concern should be brought forward to the school authorities.

  11. Parents must take care that their wards shall not bring valuables, wear jewellery or large sums of pocket money to school. School shall not hold responsibility for any kind of loss nor encourage such.

  12. Parents must avoid seeing their wards or teachers during school hours. In no case parents must go to the class while the class is in progress.

  13. Parents must compulsorily attend the parent-teacher’s meetings to discuss their ward’s progress. For dates of parent-teachers meets, please refer to school calendar given in diary itself.

  14. Parents are expected to communicate with the school authorities & provide constructive feedback from time to time.

  15. Ensure that your ward does the daily allotted work with own effort.

  16. Notify the school authorities of any change in address/phone number/Pick or Drop in rare occasions immediately.

  17. Avoid meeting teachers on unscheduled day. Follow the schedules & not request for undue considerations.

  18. Do not request distribution of gifts/sweets on your ward’s birthday.

  19. Ensure that student carries properly Labeled articles in proper condition & does not carry any unauthorized cash/objects.

  20. Maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene of the ward.

  21. Check the Diary and circulars before calling up the school.

  22. Post your feedbacks in the Suggestion / Feedback box regularly.

  23. Contact the Director / Principal for academic and Director / Admin Coordinator for transport or other facilities.