Admissions Open for the academic year 2024-2025  

The school follows the CBSE pattern of Assessment i.e. 4 Formative Assessments and 2 Summative Assessments. 2 Formative Assessments would be conducted before each Summative Assessment.

It is important to track the progress of learning in a child in order to know-

☀ How well the child has learnt the concepts.

☀ Whether He/She needs further clarification and more practice.

☀ Whether he can move on to the next concept.

As per NCERT, there are no examinations and Pass/fail for class I to VIII. The child has to be assessed for various skills and attributes. This however doesn’t mean that there are no written assessments of the child in Primary, this does, though mean that the assessments are comprehensive and continuous. Written test, as a part of CCE, is conducted by the teacher on a regular basis to judge the progress quotient of the pupil. It is mandatory for the pupil to attend all the assessments. If the child has missed an assessment for some unavoidable reasons, parent should find an alternative with the teachers. Parent is advised not to create a panic environment during the assessment days.

The teacher maintains the individual record of every pupil in a file. These records include the teacher’s observation on how the pupil:

☀ Participates in the activities and projects.

☀ Responds to class activities and home assignments.

☀ Develops various skills and competencies.

☀ Participates in co-curricular activities.

☀ Fares in health, punctuality, turnout and behaviour.